Do not wear the bracelet during showering / swimming. The leather can withstand moisture but reduces durability when it gets very wet.

The PH value of your skin can discolor the Ax of your bracelet. The Bronze Collection is most susceptible to this. This can not be prevented but can be solved by soaking the Ax (without the leather) for 5 minutes in a bowl with tomato ketchup. Then rinse well with water and soap. After this you can still polish it with a clean silver polishing cloth (or eyewash polishing cloth).

Raw bronze will become slightly duller over time, to solve this: Untie the knot above the Ax and put it in a bowl of ketchup for 5 minutes.

Use a spectacle cleaning cloth to clean the Ax regularly, this keeps it tidy.

If the bracelet is the right size, do not continue to slide the sliding knot indefinitely. As a result, the leather will become weaker at that specific point

Wear your bracelet during normal conditions. So not when you do heavy physical exertions such as playing sports, running, cleaning, etc.

Do not wear the bracelet during domestic or rough work and when exercising. The bracelet can be damaged by certain cleaning agents and by too strong impact.

Make-up, hairspray and perfume contain substances that, when in contact with the metal alloys, can cause stains on skin and clothing. It can also discolor the metal alloy. It is best to put the bracelet on at the very last time.

Always take off the bracelet you are going to sleep.

Do not store the bracelet in the bathroom. The high humidity can affect your jewelry.

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