Steel Axe Collection

The future of steel processed in this bracelet, fully 3D printed steel. At the Axe you also see the lines running how the Axe is built up. The silver look of the bracelet in combination with the nappa leather gives this a beautiful combination of a subtle yet tough piece of jewelry.

Black Steel Axe Collection

The most raw variant of the collection. Completely black steel, this clearly shows the statement you want to make. Where the other finishes can still use the term subtly, that is not covered in black. The finish that can be perfectly combined with any other jewel / watch.

Black steel is also the finish where the bracelet shows the most size / strength!

Bronze Axe Collection

Raw unpolished bronze creates a beautiful satin look on this Axe Bracelet. In terms of gloss between the finish of the Steel Ax & Gold Ax Collection and because of this it has a very subtle look that is more striking than you think!

Bronze is the only collection that truly sympathizes with you, maintenance is not a must but to fully enjoy your Axe Bracelet it is handy. Look under the heading “maintenance” for maintenance tips!

Gold Axe Collection

18K Gold plated, the most striking and flashy Axe bracelet! The shine in the closure is so strong that you can even see your own reflection in it. The Gold Collection is ultimate in combination with, for example, a gold watch or gold rings. But even without extras, the Gold Axe Collection can show itself perfectly!

Firm Axe

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